Groix & Nature

Our Artisans: Groix & Nature

Story: The history of Groix & Nature, is first of all that of a territory: the island of Groix in Southern Brittany. A geological miracle, the beauty of its landscape conceals mysteries. Its beaches, villages, rocks and cliffs are an invitation to discovery. Beaten by the winds and spray, a haven of peace, its inhabitants and fishermen perpetuate traditions and preserve their environment.At Groix & Nature, we carefully select the products that come straight from the sea: blue lobster, sardines, germon tuna, scallops, oysters, crabs and abalone are fished exclusively by coastal fishing boats in the Northeast Atlantic. Our seaweeds, sea lettuce, wakame and dulse are harvested along the Breton coastlines. These are mainly purchased directly from producers, as we give preference to short, local supply channels.

Origin: Island of Groix, France