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Our Artisans

  • La Fabbrica Della Pasta

    La Fabbrica Della Pasta

    Story: Pasta has been produced in Gragnano for over 500 years.  Producing Pasta for them is an art, which they perform every day, following the same traditions as their ancestors. A unique mix of history, culture, traditions and of course, secrets! Their Ancestors used to mix only 2 ingredients, High Quality Durum Semolina & Water from the Natural Spring in Gragnano’s Mountains.  The ingredients...
  • Don Giovanni

    Don Giovanni

    Story: DON GIOVANNI is a family run farm located in the Countryside of Modena producing Balsamic Vinegar according to a tradition handed down for four generations. All products are exclusively made using the ingredients provided by the local vineyards surrounding the farm, the typical Trebbiano white grape and Lambrusco red grape. From these two qualities of grapes, we obtain the must (cooked grape juice)...
  • Antico Pastificio Umbro

    Antico Pastificio Umbro

    Story: In over 25 years in business, our passion for food has led us to expand our range to include other exquisite offerings of Italian cuisine such as: risottos, spices, sauces, pulses and condiments. We have been involved in numerous innovative projects in the agrifood world, working closely with farmers to deliver quality from the field to the table, without losing any of the...
  • Real Conservera Española

    Real Conservera Española

    Story:Every Real Conservera Española product is made exclusively from fish and seafood from the Galician estuaries, either from the Atlantic Ocean or the Cantabrian Sea. We make sure to use only the best specimens, captured during season, when they are in optimum condition. Origin: Cambados, Spain Awards: top 10 of the Ranking 2021 World's 101 Best Canned Products from the Sea
  • Groix & Nature

    Groix & Nature

    Story: The history of Groix & Nature, is first of all that of a territory: the island of Groix in Southern Brittany. A geological miracle, the beauty of its landscape conceals mysteries. Its beaches, villages, rocks and cliffs are an invitation to discovery. Beaten by the winds and spray, a haven of peace, its inhabitants and fishermen perpetuate traditions and preserve their environment.At Groix...
  • Masia el Altet

    Masia el Altet

    Story: The Masía El Altet estate obtained its first great harvest in 2005. They decided at that moment to anticipate the changing times and pick the olive green. Its first great ambassador was the chef Joel Robuchon who introduced it into his restaurants from the first tasting. Joel Robuchon is the chef with most Michelin stars on the whole planet, with an incredible 32....
  • Casa Eceiza

    Casa Eceiza

    Story: Since 1924, at Casa Eceiza we have put all our efforts into offering the highest quality in each of our creations. Generation after generation, we have researched, designed and dimensioned the world of confectionery with a clear objective: to offer our customers and friends flavor experiences that they will never forget. To do this, we have maintained the highest quality of our ingredients...
  • Pablo Garrigos

    Pablo Garrigos

    Story: Over the decades, our company Pablo Garrigós Ibáñez has brought gourmet nougats and sweets to countries in the five continents. The quality of our products, totally made in the traditional way, has allowed us to be in the window displays of the most selected food stores. Origin: Alicante, Spain
  • Plantin


    Story:Located in the heart of Provence, Plantin is known for its wide selection of the finest truffles and forest mushrooms. Since its very beginning way back in 1930, this family business has established itself as the leading supplier of fine truffles to the major tables in France and to some of the most renowned restaurants around the world. Gourmet chefs delight in creating exclusive...
  • Tartufi Bianconi

    Tartufi Bianconi

    Story: Tartufi Bianconi has been operating in the art of truffles since 1990. The company was born from the passion and tenacity of Saverio Bianconi who, together with his wife, realized the dream of promoting the Truffle of the Upper Tiber Valley. While maintaining the artisanal character, the company has gradually expanded its business and its range, making use of the positive experiences gained...
  • Pancracio


    Story: The story of Pancracio is the story of a dream, a dream of making chocolate of the highest quality, with an unmistakable passion for good taste and a keen eye for the aesthetics. An artisan brand aimed at those who appreciate the finer details, delight in pleasures and view chocolate as a source of excitement. We have always tried to create original products...
  • Albert Menes

    Albert Menes

    Story: It all began in 1921, in Landerneau in Brittany. Albert Ménès rediscovers the gourmet pleasures of his Breton childhood, having set sail in the navy in the early 1900s. On his return, still dreaming of fragrances from elsewhere and eager for new experiences, this refined gourmet resolves to introduce Parisians to the flavors of the provinces. In 1921, he founded the company Albert...
  • Jalancina


    Story: It is in 1922 when Antonio Garcia Cerdán founded the factory in Jalance (La Conserva). It is a company dedicated to the treatment and sale of fruit. Generation after generation, machinery necessary to face new business challenges has been incorporated, but always respecting the manual and artisanal process of the products, which gives them a high quality. In 1965 María Pilar García, sister...
  • Trias


    Story: A history going back more than a hundred years has ensured the continuity of a unique biscuit-making tradition which has remained true to its original recipes, while also respecting the basis of its original know-how. At Trias Biscuits our philosophy involves continual growth through widening our range, while maintaining our commitment to quality and adapting to meet the ever changing demands of the...
  • Cascina San Cassiano

    Cascina San Cassiano

    Story: A team that works with passion, a small family business that has always done this and where everyone is personally committed. They believe in what they do and in the quality of their products. They only prepare products that they also enjoy eating. Every day, they source the freshest vegetables, the healthiest and juiciest fruit and the tastiest meat, from the best farmers...
  • Oilala


    Story:    From the United States to Japan, passing through China and Greece, in every corner of the planet the extra virgin olive oil Oilalà has received medals and prestigious international awards that certify its supreme quality.Their Coratina olive oil is the best Italian Extra Virgin olive oil in the world for WREVOO!   Origin: Barletta, Italy   Awards:  TERRA OLIVO, Grand Prestige Gold...
  • Amelia’s & Co.

    Amelia’s & Co.

    Story: Amelia arrived from Naples, Italy to the US in 1903. Having to leave home was not easy but she was able to remember her roots through delicious recipes from her hometown that has been passed down through four generations. TerraMar Imports is now bringing the traditional Italian flavors from the south of Italy to your table with this collection of Amelia's favorite recipes....
  • Gugliemi


    Story: Since 1954 they take care of their olive trees. Their family has been producing extra virgin olive oil from their own olives for over 60 years. Today they continue to innovate this story, keeping firm the roots of Apulia’s oil culture thanks to technological change. Origin: Puglia, Italy Awards:  - Slow food guida extravergini 2019- Bibenda 2019- La repubblica le guide Puglia 2019-...